The Department of Neuroscience of the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad de Chile is a new academic unit that brings together academics attached to different departments and units of this Faculty. The objectives of the Department of Neuroscience are to develop teaching in the area of ​​neuroscience in the areas of pre and postgraduate, the training of academics and researchers and its upcoming constitution as a reference in research with application in health.

The Department also aspires to be established as a valid interlocutor for the State when discussing public health and welfare policies in this area of ​​study, providing a better response to the growing needs of the country in this matter.

The Department of Neuroscience of the Faculty of Medicine considers its main missions :

  • The generation of relevant and relevant knowledge in the basic and applied areas of health in neuroscience.
  • The scientific and professional training in the area of ​​neuroscience of the students of the professional careers of the Faculty of Medicine.
  • The scientific and clinical training in the neuroscience area of ​​program students of academic degrees, of the Master’s and Doctorate programs and in the pertinent fields to collaborate in the training of specialists.
  • The formation and the permanent development of the professors, researchers, and officials of the Department to contribute to their improvement and to the continuous